Is that unattractive being a good/nice/supportive friend?

She thinks I'm the best person she's ever come across. I think the same and I love her. I confessed my feelings to her but she only like me as a friend. We're still beasties but I really don't get why I'm not worth for her? Why some other rude guy means more than me! I have been with her during all the bad times and it just sucks being nothing.

Does everyone likes a "bad boy" ?


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  • I actually find that dumb of her. Maybe you're just not sexually attractive to her?

    • It sucks.

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    • Yeah and you know it hurts so hard when you get no response!

    • Trust me, I was just recently friend zoned by a guy, but I'm convinced that he was lying and putting me through a test of some sort. He is so sweet to me and he's the one who started talking to me again after friend zoning me. So don't believe that whole friend zone shit. The friend zone is basically the "to the side" zone.

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  • Hi, I think it has nothing to do with your personality. Girls, just like guys, have different preferences. She probably only views you as family and nothing more. There is nothing capable of being changed. PS: Assholes don't get anything, so don't try to be "bad".
    Do not attempt being the 'nice guy' and expect something in return for being there for her. It is called being a good friend.

  • Problem is, you're in the friend zone.

    • Yeah, she's an amazing person. Only thing I really don't get is why she cries over an a-hole who cheated on her twice and she doesn't even care what I say most of the time.

    • You're wasting your time, she won't listen to you. She will date bad boys if that's what she's into until and if she realizes it's not good for her.

      Being the supportive nice friend won't help you. If you're interested in this girl, you need to get out of the friend zone. It will require massive effort but it's the only way you'll ever have a shot.

    • Thanks!

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  • short answer:yes-nice guys usually do finish last and if you're going to be a nice guy this is pretty much bound to happen. we all do our time in one way or another. consider this though-if you weren't a nice guy, she might not have wanted to be friends with you in the first place. consider meeting some of her friends, they likely have similar qualities and have not yet "friendzoned" you


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