Taking a rejection personally?

She rejected me,

I feel like it's all my fault, had I presented myself better, was funnier, knew more about her culture, was more confident... I could have had her.

I lost all my confidence in life when she said no.

Obviously I'm beating myself up a lot now.

I can't accept it's not personal,

I feel like I am flawed in every single way.

I like her so much...

I don't know why she rejected me, it's killing me that I don't know... I wish I did because I don't want to take it personally.

Does she only date Asians? (She is Asian)

Does she want an older guy ( I am 2 years younger)

Is it because I'm a pathetic dude that's not in her league?

I don't know :(


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  • Everybody goes through this. Distract yourself, feel bad for a bit and then go on with life. There's no good fast forward. Sorry for your hurt.

    • I feel so, What girl would ever want me? I'm nothing special, just some sort of loser.

      Not good enough for her. What was I thinking?

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    • I keep tormenting myself

    • It's hard, but keep pushing on. Each day gets better.

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  • break the contact with her and move on

    • I feel horrible, like why doesn't she want me? Why can't I just be her type?

    • because we all have a different brain and we all have different types.

      you will be sad for a few months but then you will feel happy and you will forget her.

      you can get rejected over 100 times before finding the right one

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  • Why not ask her what it is?
    Looks, personality, nothing in common etc...

  • accept it n move on


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