Why is my ex wifes family/friends acting like nothing is wrong with her getting pregnant 3 months after our divorce while sleeping around?

We were married for 8 years. She just left one day, and said she had been unhappy which was a surprise to me. She started sleeping with a friend of ours we had known 8 years, our whole marriage. That ended horribly, cause he wanted a relationship and she didn't. She blamed me for sleeping with him, and losing him as a friend. Anyways she started partying and sleeping around a lot. She got pregnant by some guy who wanted nothing to do with it and disappeared. 3 months after our divorce!! Her family and friends are acting as if its the greatest thing ever. It's as if she were married and having a planned child. Oh and she's living with her mom.


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  • You're divorced and it's not your kid. She didn't even cheat on you. Why does anything she's doing matter to you?

    • Well actually she started sleeping with the friend of ours and some other guy before our divorce. She told me (after the divorce), and was crying saying that it was my fault she had slept with them, and also that she had lost her friend due to it. After the divorce she started sleeping around even more. It just seems a bit crazy to be pregnant right after a divorce, with some guy she didn't even know who wanted nothing to do with it. Thankfully none of that is my problem. Its just weird that her family and friends act as if that's normal.

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    • @NatashaJ lol yah karma is a bitch. I wonder if her getting knocked up and stuck on her own with a kid was already karma getting her. I just know if I had a daughter or friend that did what she did, I would think it was awful. But I guess when in a shitty situation, sometimes all you can do is be as positive as possible. Although treating it as such, will just make her think what she did wasn't that bad, and she'll just repeat it. But I'm thankful that I can sit back knowing that I didn't make bad decisions, and that I don't have to deal with that mess.

    • Exactly besides you get over her and you have every right to feel upset since you spend 8 years together and this is how she treated you.

  • Let it go brotha

    • It's just bizarre.

    • Don't drive yourself up a wall trying to wrap your mind around it.

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