Going from relationship to sex to relationship again?

Can you ever go from a relationship with someone, then continue to have sex after you broke up to ultimatley getting back together in the relationship? Has that ever happened to anyone? like you guys continue to have sex with one another and find out that the feelings are still there, you both are not dating anyone/ sleeping with anyone and want to try again. If so how long did it take for this to happen? I am in a situation right now and its been forever, I feel feelings are still there, but then sometimes I feel like they aren't.
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  • Highly possible.

    • Even after months of not being in the relationship? We broke up in April and never really had any break from talking/ seeing each other. We had sex and still do. There were times ( more than once) where he wanted to cut the sex off and say stay friends bc it wasn't fair to us, but it never stayed that way. I always stay over the night, we cuddle, he calls me babe etc. He also asks about other guys so that aspect is there. Thats why I think there is something. On the other hand its just sex. He texts me back late at night etc. So I am torn, but want the relationship back. Should I talk to him?

    • Yes. The biggest problem it seems is a communication block , perhaps due to ego. Talk to him.

    • Thanks what do you mean his ego? Like he has feelings but doesn't want to come out and say it. I will talk to him soon.

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