Why do I hurt so badly still after the breakup, yet he seems to have moved on so quickly?

Its been 2 months since he dumped me over text. Blindsiding me. We dated 2 years.
There was nothing i saw wrong and he told me that very day that he saw our relationship blossoming and how much he loved me. I dont understand. His friend told me he's single but not happy. He still keeps our pictures up around his home. I haven't seen him since right before he broke it off 2 months ago. last I heard from him was nov 7. I dont know what went wrong, i feel so hurt. I still love him. i just want to know what went wrong. especially if there is no other woman.
Im so broken up about this and he seems to have just moved on and i dont know why or what i did wrong...


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  • He seems that way cause he wants you to think that he is. He is most likely still hurting also. That jerk also sounds like he did not feel the way that he lead you to believe about you. Sadly most times you won't know what went wrong or why the other person broke it off you just have to continue on.


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  • You didn't do anything wrong. He never felt the same in spite of what he said. He tried to love you but just didn't and the act grew tiresome. I hate to admit it but I've been guilty of the same thing

    • Itd be easier for me to believe what you said, if he didn't show his love. its one thing when a man shows his love, but quite another when he shows it. this man showed it to me everyday. there's no denying that.

    • I'm standing by my opinion.

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  • i think people are really good at hiding on social media if they are sad. it could just be appearances. or maybe he really wasn't into it at the end and just did want it over

    • My ex is not on social media at all. I heard he's moved on but not happy from his friend.

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