During a break up when a man leaves, would he ever show her that he isn't over her?

Guys have you ever dumped a girl and not been able to get over her? Are their signs a guy isn't over you? (or will be never let you see that?)

During a break up when a man leaves, would he ever show her he isn't over her?


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  • i've broken up with girls before and sometimes it is really difficult. Its possible to care a lot about someone, but at the same time know it just isn't right. Just because he doesn't call you doesn't mean that he isn't thinking about you and didn't care. He may think about you everyday and doesn't call because he doesn't want to give you false hope. I think about the girls I broke up with in the past. I wonder if they are ok and if they are happy.

    If the guy really wants to be with you he will come back.

    • If a guy really wants to be with you, he wounldn't have left... Don't you think?

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    • No not at all. maybe the next girl wasn't what he really wanted and realized he made a bad decision. I can understand how you would be skeptical about this and if you aren't comfortable getting back together I suggest not doing it. If you do get back together with a guy who comes back just take your time and ease into it. He may want to go right back to a full blown relationship. Its easy for guys to pick up where they left off. Women on the other hand need reassurance. Just be honest.

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