How can I tell if a guy is really done?

question explains itself. thanks!


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  • You "can't", but a good way to press the issue and find out permanently is to just ask. IF he says he is done then TAKE HIS WORD and do not let him come back to you. Explain that what he says then and there is what goes and there's no room for error or a shift-change.

    • Great answer! I must agree

    • Well here's the thing. we were FWB for like 5 months then things got too serious and he didn't wanna be attached or have a relationship so I ended things then he said yea we aren't hanging out anymore but we can be friends he said he can't hang out with me cause he will wanna f*** me but he knows I just wanna f*** him too. I asked him to take me to the movies for my bdat and he agreed to it because I'm going through a lot and I invited his friend to come too so it wasn't awkward and he still looked at

    • Me the same way and smiled and seemed like he still liked me but was trying to hide his feelings. in the movie he crossed his arms I guess so I wouldn't try and hold his hand. he says he's done but then I know he still has feelngs and I know if we were to hang out we would prob hook up again so do you have any advice? I don't know what I can do. he still had my pictures on his phone does that mean anything?

  • There are signs.

    If he stops calling

    if he doesn't want to hangout

    If he keeps making excusses not to see you

    • Well that's the thing we ended things and didn't talk for like a week and I texted him and apologized then a week later I had to text him for something else and whenever I had to text him he kinda made convo out of it. he said he didn't wanna hang out because he will want to hook up with me which is true cause I feel the same way.. so idk

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