Why do my ex still hang around my family?

I was dating a guy for a short 8 months. We decided to call things off. Since that exact day he calls my mom and my 2 closest cousins at least 3 times a week. Also to add me and him haven't had any contact for 2 months. This week he asked my mom to come out to a restaurant with him and his friend. What is he doing this is getting weird?


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  • Because you and your family are two entities. While his relationship with you ended, his relationship with your family is alive and strong. He is displaying a high level of maturity and character, rare to find nowadays.

  • Trying to stay close to you through them, that's my guess. Either that or he has kind of adopted them as a surrogate family because he doesn't have a family of his own or doesn't have close ties with his own family.


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