Guys, help!!! What would you define this relationship as? I am so confused and don't even know what to do either?

Ever since my ex and I broke up we still keep in touch and hang out from time to time. Ever time we hang out we still, kiss, make out, fool around, cuddle, and hold hands. I could tell we still have feelings for each other.
We have slowly made progress over time like for example he used to never want to go out or at least go out in public with me but now he takes me out to dinner and a movie, we go to the store together and wherever.

Guys please help!!!
Guy's I need you're I opinion's please!!!


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  • Based on the first comment below... friends with benefits means exactly what its called. You have a friend who you also have sex with. No relationship stuff other than that. The problem with friends with benefits is that it rarely last very long and you really rish losing the friend as well. Another thing with friends with benefits is that one of the people start to fall for the other while that person only wants the sex, not a romantic relationship. That said, in response to your question... You don't give enough information for me to give an intelligent response. If you would rather message privately, I will ask some questions so I can get a clear picture of what has gone on. I will be able to give you my opinion that has some substance that relates directly to your issues. I have done this with many who wanted to go more in depth and I like it because I can help you much better. If not, I would understand.

    • Okay will do thank you!

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  • Friends with benefits

    • But he's not really using me and then going for other women. He has feelings for me also

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    • @saugacitboy im asking if that's what it is?

    • yes that's what it is

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  • I go out in public with my friends with benefits. Sometimes we hold hands, depending on the guy. But that's about what it's like.

    • Do you kiss and everything because that's what we do?

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    • Until you make something official, y'all are friends with benefits

    • Even though we have feelings for each other?

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