How do I deal with this?

There is this one guy I saw around school for a few years. We never had an opportunity to talk, although there were many times I tried to get up the nerve to speak to him (he tried too, but he was very shy around me).There was mutual attraction (eye contact, showing up where I am a lot, friends staring a lot, walking by me on purpose, etc.). It was one of those rare people you share a strong, mysterious, instant connection with.

The problem is he suddenly moved away. I have no way really of contacting him, except on Facebook, but I feel like that would be weird since we never talked or exchanged names, etc. I am having a hard time trying to forget him and move on. I didn't even know him, but for some reason he just has some mysterious pull on my heart.

I keep thinking, just find another guy, but there are just none that stick out to me like he did. Also, the fact that he suddenly disappeared makes me so mad at myself for never talking to him. I have no closure.

Does anyone have any similar experience?

How did you get over it?
How do I deal with this?
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