How do I fix this relationship problem?

I think I'm falling out of love with my boyfriend. We're still a fairly new couple but I don't know what to do. I like a lot of things about him but I don't know if there are more things I don't like about him than what I do like. I really don't want to break up with him but I don't want to waist both of our time. Should I end things now or give it time? Any thoughts of a solution?


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  • What is he doing that's making you think twice about the relationship?

    • Well one thing is, he's moving so fast in this relationship. Like I didn't want to have gone this far already. Like sexual

    • Hmmmm does sound like an issue. And I'm sure you told him already. My ex told me the same thing. I only moved things a little fast cause I was getting bored with her. Nothing wasn't clicking and other girls peaked my interest. But that's my interest. You got to go back and figure out what brought you two to the table in the first place and start over. Maybe both will learn to appreciate each other. If not separate and figure out ways to spice things up. Then reunite.

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  • What you are expressing is more like "buyers remorse" which many people go through in a relationship. While it is possible that so early on in a relationship that you actually love him especially if you are finding fault with him, but it is possible. Doesn't sound like love though. I think, at least for me love is a choice, you choose to love them working through all the little nit picky things that may bother each other about your SO. Love is so much more than mutual attraction, its commitment to each other.


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  • If you're not feeling it then end it. It won't get better


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