Should I text my ex on her birthday?

I vowed to never talk to her again, we have not been in contact for 3 months. I was in likr with her but she wasn't, it broke my heart.
But should i text her on her birthday?


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  • It would be a nice gesture, but all it will do it bring memories and feelings up. Im sure you have been doing good with getting over her, and you don't want to be down in the dumps.

    • yes
      i have made a lot of progress
      im basically myself again, its as if i never met her. But i still think about her sometimes

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  • Nope. Never initiate contact with an ex unless you are open to the possibility of getting back together. It happens so easily - even from a single text.

    And since this girl broke your heart, I'm assuming you want to steer clear.

    • You assumed correctly ms. Meghan.
      what if she texts me ln my birthday? i will feel bad for not texting her

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    • i dont wanna get back with her... just being friends

    • Won't work. Aside from jerry and Elaine, no exes have ever successfully stayed friends

  • No. You vowed to never talk to her again. Is "never" just code for "for 3 months" or? No point in texting her if you weren't on the same page and you haven't even been in contact for a while. It'll just make it seem like you're pining for her which is pretty sad, and it won't make her want you.

    • i dont want her to want me
      i just wanna wish her happy birthday
      but i am afriad it may bring up feelings

  • Just tell her happy birthday and don't say anything else

  • No dont

  • No because you will start to get attached again

    • is there a way to not?

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    • oh..

    • Hello again
      i still want to text her, just this once to twll her happy birthdag and thats it... should i?
      I've gotten over her, can her and i be friends again?

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