What have you learn from a break up? and are their any you could fix knowning what you known now?

top 3 things i learned.
1. if someone stops fighting for you then let them go.
2. it's ok to be understand but don't over do it or you will get taken advantage of sometimes a girl needs to see you got a back gone.
3. the biggest one at least for myself. never ever ever date a girl who doesn't understand the diffance between respecting your parent's and doing what ever they say even at the cost of your own happiest.


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  • 1. Don't let anyone treat you like shit.
    2. Walk away from toxic people.
    3. Get pizza, run and Never look back.
    4. Learn to love yourself while eating yo pizza.

    • i think am in love with your reply... tka for making me laugh. my ex was toxic for me sad truth too immature and love pizza

What Guys Said 2

  • You will not remain friends

  • I've learned a major one... never share your personal relationship fights with work colleagues.

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