Girls. Got a hair questions for ya?

Lets say you've been friends with a guy for about 7 months. In that seven months you've grown close and you both have feelings for each other.

At some point you decide to take it to the next level. You're making out, touching, feeling, groping... You are about to get to the good part. Clothes are coming off.

The guy takes his shirt off and he's pretty hairy. White dude with black hair. Hairy chest, hairy stomach, hairy shoulders, hairy back.

You are totally into this guy but this is the first time you see him with his shirt off and he's crazy hairy. What do you do? Do you continue on? Are you so grossed out that you stop? Are your feeling for this person tainted because he's hairy?


For those that haven't caught on yet, I'm hairy and may possibly be in this situation soon. I keep my chest hair trimmed, its not too bad. The back is pretty out of control though. If I Wax, the stubble and red bumps comes back and nobody likes feeling a whole stubbly back, same thing with shaving (except I can't shave myself).


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  • Your a dude! That's no big deal at all:)) now if it was like this ----> link there would be some issues LoL


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  • Look at it this way, you may be hairy, but that's something you can change, if you're really that worried about it, it could be something you could offer changing (assuming you're okay with it and she doesn't just absolutely freak... and someone that'd just freak without giving you a chance... let's be honest probably isn't worth being with to begin with) you can ALWAYS do something about extra hair, there's triming, waxing, hair removal of all sorts and everything else.

    I personally am a bit hairy, I used to really worry about it, when I was born my mother said she was worried that I was/would be extremely hairy... she even use to compare me to a chimp (though I was never nearly that hairy to my knowledge...) in most cases women prize confidence over stuff like that, especially when it's stuff that can be changed, if you don't make it seem like an issue she'll be more likely to overlook it as well.

    Hope this helps, and best of luck to ya =)


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