Curious about ex girlfriend?

Has anyone ever gone back with an Ex girl/boyfriend and make it work? I broke off with her in Oct. because I was very busy and didn't want to be in a relationship right then but now we are talking again. She was the one who initiated contact with me. She also has another boyfriend but said she doesn't want to be with him. I tried that once before and it didn't work out and I know the success rate is not that good. So has anyone actually made it work even though we both slept with other people in that time?


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  • It really depends on how committed you are to making it work. Honestly I think it's not good to go back because there usually is a reason it did not work out, but if you really want to try then go for it. Just keep in mind you have to be open about what has changed...and forget about what happened while you were not together.

    • That's the thing, knowing she's been with another guy would bother me even though she had every right. I tried before and I always thought about that in the back of my mind. Also she lives in another State now and if she moved back I might stay in it just out of guilt. Maybe it's best to leave things as they are for now. Thanks for your input.

    • Glad to help but must comment on "if she moved back I might stay in it just out of guilt"...if you do feel this way you do have some doubts. I would not reccommend you try to get back together, you will just end up hating each other because you already know deep down it's not the right thing for you. I know it's hard but keep never know what the future holds for you!!

  • I tried once but there was too much animosity. You will start to resent what he/she did while you 2 were separated. You tell yourself now that it will not happen but eventually you will. Something to think about.

    • I'm that way, as soon as I know they have been with someone else it will bug me. Even if it's my fault. I guess I'm a hyprocate in that regards. Thanks

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