He dedicated Cold by Crossfade. But can that be considered a love song?

Can it be considered more of an apology?


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  • He has break up with u, move on

  • he's basically saying, you were wrong for each other all along, that it's time to move on

    • That's not at all the message the song gives... 👀

    • obviously it's an apology, but, for the most part he's saying, it's time to move on

    • Um.. No. perhaps you don't know the song...
      he's basically apologizing a million times and saying maybe she could see him differently now because he sees his faults now and for him she is what makes him get through the day..

      In other more simple words.
      Interpretation: "I'm sorry, I see my errors and hopefully you can see I changed because I need you".

      Taken into interpretation from the real lyrics
      "I'm sorry about all the lies,
      Maybe in a different light,
      You can see me stand on my own again
      Cause now I can see
      You are the antidote that got me by,
      Something strong like a drug that got me high"

      And this part
      "I never really wanted you to go
      So many things you should have known..."

      In no part of the song doesn't it insinuate that it's time to move on, nor that they were wrong for each other... it never says nor implies that at all.

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  • How weird... Its been five million years since I heard that sing but just few mins ago found old music and I put it on and it had THAT song haha and now it's here on a question... 😯!!! Too weird!!

    Anyway!!! It's an after break up song... and if someone dedicates it is because they still care or love you and realize it I suppose... so in that sense, yes it's a love song but more of an apology.


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