I don't know what to do anymore?

everyone in my life is betraying me. my husband had short emotional affair with someone at work this has made me extra paranoid about him cheating my mother knows all about this because I told her in great detail. me and my husband live in her house in Cuba she came for a visit and said we were not keeping the place tidy enough my uncle had just past away and his girlfriend was helping to clean my other uncle who came with my mom slept with her my mother knows this and wants the same woman to live herr and clean here while my husband will be here with her alone I have to go back to the states. I got into a argument with her over this then all I heard is her telling my uncle about my insecurities in my marriage I got so pissed because that was my personally business I told him to stop interfering in my life and she came up in my face cussing me out defending him. telling me I am her enemy I got mad and pushed her she said I was attacking her because of my husband which is a lie my husband knows what's going on and I was looking for comfort from him and what does he do he went out late in the night to a party and came home at 4am he said he is stress out about work and the whole situation but I see it has so selfish because of the whole thing that's going on he's only thinking about himself I just reach my breaking point with everyone after the fight my mom was still talking out all my business screaming making everyone in the neighborhood can hear I am so depress I feel like just leaving everyone and moving on with my life because no one seems to care about how I feel.


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  • Your husband had an emotional affair because either he's bored, lonely or there's a complete lack of physical intimacy and SEX!

    • I wasn't in the country at the time and we were fighting

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    • yea but I travel a lot

    • Physical cheating is worse than emotional so technically he has hasn't committed adultury.

      I've had sex with married women 😉

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