Is he cheating?

my husband went out late last night he put on some nice smelling perfume he said he was going out with his friend I know him by the way and he went out until 4 am I am so fed up because I am having problems with my mom and her gossiping my marriage life he knows about this I though he would be here to comfort me he had an emional affair and I forgave him for it but he is moving so self fish he said he went out because he is stress about work and needs a break that is always his excuse I am just getting tired I am here with our son he is turning g me off from this marriage!


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  • Many people never get a confession or a photo of their partner in bed with someone else. The circumstantial evidence you have is extremely strong.

  • It really does sound like it... my girl would get in my asssss if I went out dressed up smelling good and came back at 4am...


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