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so there's this guy named andrew and things are complicated with him. He was obsessed with me and I broke up with him and broke his heart and ended up regretting it so much and we got back together. Then it was his turn to break my heart I guess and he did. I was hurt and was trying to get through it- but I guess I wasn't the only one. He apologized: said it was the biggest mistake he made , he's so sorry, would love another chance, and was going through family issues (his dad is in the army) and he didn't wanna be a bad boyfriend and he though breaking up with me would help but it made his life so much worse. I'm not sure what to do because we are definitely friends but he wants to be more and I confused if I do or not. Do I miss him? Of course. Do I think I could like without him? Honestly , yes. Would I be jealous if he dated someone else? The truth is, I really would. We are friends and maybe trying to work it out- that's what we decidedly on. I guess all I'm asking is, is for your opinion. I would like help with figuring out if I truly like him and want him or if I should stay friends? I'm not sure what I want and I would like some tips.


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  • focus on school. if he really loves you, he'd do the same, and you can have the rest of your lives together... have that whole white picket fence thing. that's how they did it back in the day.


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  • NO. You hate his guts and hope he gets hit by a bus but doesn't die all the way until he slowly chokes to death on the blood that fills up his lungs 😡... Or whatever.


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  • I'd give each of you one more chance. If either of you blows it, I vote to end the relationship.


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