Why didn't she tell me what I was doing wrong? Or was it really "just her"?

Was with her almost a year. I did everything right. I listened to her, I tried to be romantic, didn't chase her but didn't neglect her. She met my whole fam. Banged her until I was sweaty, ate her out every time. Bought her food, took her out, tried to make her smile every day... we never argued. Did lots of fun things together. One day I asked if she was satisfied with the relationship.. she says "yes and no" &"I feel like I should love you by now"... 3 weeks later I end up having to dump her because I could tell her interest waned and she was mentally checked out of our relationship. She says I did nothing wrong. What gives? I really liked this girl. Did she really just stop wanting me for no reason or does she just not want to tell me? Is she trying to protect my feelings or something? Either way I'm fuckin hurt and confused. Im trying to get back to being my old self. Its hard. Has this ever happened to you? How did it pan out?


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  • It'll be okay, she just didn't deserve you. You'll find someone better.

    • I would hope so. But this girl has deffff left her mark on me. My thoughts concerning relationships are completely differently now. Not to say I'll cheat on my next girl, but I definitely won't be putting in as much effort until she shows it first.

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    • Thank you for your input. It def resonates with me

    • Good luck man. <3

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  • She tried to have a logical rather than an emotional relationship (possibly dated douchebags before you and now wanted to try dating a decent guy) + you were a pushover doing EVERYTHING for her.

    • Yea I think you're right bro. Funny thing is I was the "great guy" in my last relationship 7 years ago. Got fucked over and became a douchebag from the pain. Nothing but FWBs and pump and dumps for 7 years. I try to get back to being the "great guy"" again... and THIS... fucking crazy bro lmao

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  • she’s scared to hurt your feelings & hurting you is eating her up inside, she loves you but she wants to be out of the relationship

  • Just because one relationship sucked for you doesn't mean they will all be the same.

    • Thank you for the like

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