Ex girlfriend and I start talking again. Is she trying to get back together?

I dated this girl for about 6 months. We didn't talk for awhile after we broke up. I just ignored her for the most part.

Since then, I have been casually dating girls. She has known this since we started talking every now and then. She also was seeing this new guy.

A couple of weeks ago, she and her guy broke up. I guess he ended it cause he is in "love" with some other chick. Since then, me and her started texting a lot. She complains to me a lot about him. Supposedly this guy is playing games with her. I don't really respond much to these.

Anyway, the other night I was drunk and she was texting me. She was complaining about studying for finals or some sh*t. The convo changed to banter as I was teasing her about the Pittsburgh Steelers (her favorite football team). She was being flirty and playful and started to get a little feisty in a playful way. Here is how the convo went:

Her: (something feisty)

Me: Jeez you are getting feisty now. You need to be spanked! :P

Her: Owww owww I like that haha

Me: Well obviously your boyfriend wasn't spanking you enough.

Her: hahahahaahahaahaha

Her: He did, just don't have that anymore

After this, it remained flirty...and then this:

Me: Jeeeez, stop flirting with me! :P

Her: Haha your flirting with me!

Me: I really don't think you mind

Her: Your right, I don't

Me: Hahah stop flirting!

Her: You stop first!

Convo died down after this as it was real late and I was real drunk.

Today she texts me complaining about guys playing games. She asks me if she can call me to talk about what this dude is doing. I was busy and told her to call me after 10. She didn't.

So what is this? She trying to get back together? Innocent flirting? Nothing?

I know she is the type of girl who won't be aggressive and indirectly let me know she likes me again. And she isn't real flirty by nature. But I am having trouble seeing if she is sending signs or what. She did say she wants to hang out later this week but nothing has been set yet.


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  • Don't get back with her no matter what.


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