Who was your hardest ex to get over and why?

It took me a year to get over my first. No time to get over my second. A few months to get over my third. And a few weeks to get over my fourth. It took a year to get over the first one, but I think thats by default because he was my first and thats all I knew. The hardest ex to get over was my third because I had a crush on him for a year, he was unbelievably charming, he got under my skin, and I was really attracted to him, which are all qualities that the other 3 didn't have.

*Yes, I was dating people I wasn't attracted to. That's another post for another time. lmao*


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  • The first one, because it was new, I had never felt that way before and I thought I'd never feel that way again. Basically, it was difficult because I was young. After that, it was impossible for me to be that recklessly in love because I was too self-aware after that.

    • I thought I was never going to feel that way again as well. But also I haven't fell that deep into someone yet. Most days than not, I think true love is possible.
      So you haven't been that recklessly in love since?

    • No, definitely not. And it truly doesn't feel possible. It's not like the first girl was just so amazing -- it's just that she was the first. I've no doubt met more attractive, more interesting, more whatever women since then. Even when I decided on the woman I married (and divorced), it was very much a pragmatic decision. We got along well, we'd been together for a while, she wanted to get married, she was super educated and attractive. But you know... for the horror that that marriage and divorce was, I wonder if I would have stuck it out if she were somehow my first love. Like if I were not so pragmatic about the whole thing?

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  • My first love was my hardest to get over. I really loved him and cared him a lot, it was the first time I was ever loved especially with someone I truly cared about and who truly about me. But it just wasn't working and it took me a while to realize that. Plus I was young when he and I first met around 13 years old. Ended up breaking up with him because our spark was gone and we were on separate paths I was about to graduate and he still have a year of high school. He ended up cheating on me later on in our relationship.


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  • Yeah my first took me the longest also, I guess it's growing stage for all of us in a relationship

    • Yeah that very true. You can learn a lot about yourself when you're dating or in a relationship. I don't mind break ups and that might be weird to say but it just gives you the opportunity to move along with more knowledge than before. You know what you do like, what you're willing to tolerate, and so on.

    • Yeah exactly and experience, it also lets you know that just because one person won't do a certain thing that not all are like that and more are open minded than others

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