How would you feel if the guy you had a thing with was always liking and commenting on other girls pictures on fb/insta, and they did the same to him?

aside from this, he also followed other girls second accounts but he doesn't follow yours. but he follows your friends from school and you guys text a lot and say I love you. opinions?


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  • It really bugs me, but you know how to over come that? Is to just let it go. Easily said then done I know, a guy doesn't like it when a girl gets too over protective and needy and jealous. It's what guys do you know check out other girls, I know it's disrespectful to us girls. But he is only liking and following, it doesn't make him THEIR's. Because you are his (I'm assuming you are girlfriend and bf?). But you just have to be the bigger person and do the same things go follow hot guys and like photos and see his reaction if he doesn't react then you shouldn't care but if he does you should tell him that's how you feel when he does it! Hope this helps


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