What Does It Means When An Ex Does These Things?

So my ex boyfriend and I have been broken up since Sunday 11-12-2016. Since our break up, I tried to do the "no contact rule" but I want to get back with him and because we are both very stubborn and I know he won't make the first moves so I thought I should. I asked him 24hr after the break up if he still wants his Christmas presents and he said "no get your money back for it". Also on my snapchat (as I am able to see who has viewed my stories) it seems as if he would watch every single one of my stories and sometimes he would be one of the very first people too. Which makes me wonder if he still loves me and misses me too? And today 14-12-2016, I messaged him on Facebook messenger as I remembered that he and his dad had a dinner party, and my text asked if he's enjoying himself. But that text was not meant to be sent (as I'm trying to do the "no contact rule") but I accidentally sent it anyway and right after that I apologized for the message and I said that I was thinking of him. And after a few minutes later he replied " Yeah i'm still out now and its good thansl"... he then messaged "thanks" back as he had written it wrong. Can somebody pleaseeee tell me if I still have a chance getting back with him. Or what it means when he still checks on you? Or what does it mean if he still replies? Thank you


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  • Try not to contact him. Make him miss you and think about you even more. Statistics show your odds are greater of you and him getting back together but give it time and don't rush things. Yes break ups are tough and is never easy. It makes you miss the person. I feel he cares about you but won't admit it. Why did you and him break up?

    • His reasons were "I'm not the right person for you", "I feel like I don't say the right things or do the right things", "I don't think you consider me in our future together at all", "I don't think I'll ever find peace with you", "I need some space" and that's it

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    • Your very welcome. I hope thing's work out. Update me anytime on what happens.

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion. I hope thing's work out and I really hope you and him can get back together.

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  • I've been through a similar situation and we did the awkward back & forth thing for a while before eventually getting back together... but it can be tough to guess what the other person is thinking. The fact he's responding at all is a good sign, but doesn't necessarily mean he still has feelings for you and wants to get back together. I think your "no contact rule" is a good idea and you should actually stick to it for a couple weeks... it'll give him a chance to clear his head a little bit more, and maybe he'll contact you. Do you think you'll be able to stick to the rule for a couple weeks to see what happens?

    • Honestly, I think I will be able to stick to the rule (Because I want him to have his space). But I'm worried that he'll move on and I won't get a chance to make things right.

    • Yeah I know what you mean, it's a tricky balance and I had mixed feelings when I was going through my own situation. It depends on other factors too like how long you guys dated. I was going to send you a more detailed response but it won't let me send you a message on your profile page... f you don't mind will you send me a message on my profile page?

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