How does she deal with this menace?

Well I am writing this for my friend who doesn't have an account on here. Well I have an ex from like 2 years ago, who was a great friend of mine, and he was looking for a girlfriend, and I gave him my friends number, because they were both really decent people and they got on well, I invited them round my house and I went downstairs and I came back up to my find him trying to get it on with her. She didn't look impressed or comfortable. So they left and 2 days later when we got back to school, she told me what he done over the weekend... that my friend was out with our gang and he texted her saying where are you? and my friend texted back saying where she was, and he searched up on google maps? I mean is it me or is that a bit weird? cause they weren't even going out.. they'd known each other for 4 days..! And now he doesn't talk to me anymore, but he texts my friend everyday asking her how she is and that he loves her and he really wants to talk to her.. HELP?


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  • 1. Your friend has to tell this guy that she does not like him and that she does not want him to contact her anymore.

    2. Your friend has to stop being nice to this guy (this is a problem for girls because they don't want to be "rude", but some guys interpret any form of niceness as interest).

    3. Your friend has to stop responding to this guy's texts/calls/messages/etc.

    If the guy continues after this then your friend can:

    - Change her cell phone number.

    - Talk to a school counselor/principal (if they both go to the same school) about getting him to stop.

    - Talk to the police.


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  • A boy was followin a gal

    gal- y are you followin me?

    boy- you are pretty and I love u

    gal- bt you haven't met my friend yet. she's prettier than me and standin right behind me.

    boy (turns and says)- thr z no1.

    gal- if you really loved me you wudn't hv even looked behind..! (see all I mean z dt dnt b upset ovr such an instant side-changer guy..if ur friend z interested in him tell her to go for it'd need a great deal of patience..b ur friend's strength..n b the strength of the beautiful gal you see everyday in the mirror!


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