I dont know how to fix my relationship... So is it time to end it?

I can say that it started out pretty messed up and i can only describe it as being annoyed. Its like dating a child. We moved in with one another after 6 months and before then hed always just let me down. Always saying sorry for always breaking promises. He would come hours late when picking me up from work. So i stopped asking him. Hed blow plans off to 'sleep'. So i stopped actually planning things with him. He didn't get me a gift on my birthday then told me hed still end up getting me something... I eventually told him not to get me anything.
Recently, his sister, who also lives with us just started attacking me, basically saying everything under the sun about me and now i think im too hot. Its because i asked him for help paying the rent just in case... And weeks in advance. And all of a sudden im being labled as a child. And i think about it more and more and i can only assume that he just complains about me getting mad all of the time when in reality he's just really selfish. I've helped him out since we started dating. And its not like i gave him thousands, but I've gone without so that things could be better for the both of us. I dont know where to begin fixing thibgs because i know i need to work on things too... I dont know what to do because I've waited so long to say something that i dont have anything nice to say... I love him and i want to fix thibgs, but i feel deep down that he doesn't actually love me back.


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  • He has shown that he won't care for you, give you the time of day, and won't be a responsible partner not only that but his sister is degrading you!
    LEAVE HIM. point blank period

  • As soon as you start resenting the other person and wondering if they love you back, your relationship is over. There isn't a lot you can do to fix resentment and most people don't know how and aren't capable of fixing it. If someone loves you there shouldn't be any doubt in your mind about it. I'd there is a doubt, either the person doesn't love you or you're too insecure for a relationship

    You have a lot invested into this guy: time, money, and emotion. You will never get that back. It's easier to cut it off now than to keep going down this path. His sister sounds nasty. If he loved you, then he'd prevent you from having to deal with her in the first place


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