Does this mean he's controlling?

I was in a relationship but ended it because he seemed controlling. he'd always say " you never do as I say"

For example he wanted me to buy an up to date mobile but I couldn't afford it. He got angry and said," you never do what I tell you to do"

Is that controlling or am I being too sensitive? he's keep wanting to get back together, but I feel he's too controlling. my friends think I shouldn't go back to him. he seems to get angry if I don't do what he asks me to do. one time he stopped speaking for days because I wouldn't send him a nude picture too


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  • a good relationship is respect before love, but that relationship as thirst... the more you drink, the more you still thirsty.
    If the relationship isn't going to give you the respect you want... then, respect yourself by leaving and never look back.
    (respect yourself and others will respect you).

    Good luck...


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  • Don't go with him. He sounds controlling. And control is abuse.


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