My biggest regret, what can I do?

Hi to you all, so first of all i did something insanely stupid. My supposedly friend sent me a pic of "my girl" having sex with someone else, and to be honest the girl does look like my girl. So last night i showed the pic to my girlfriend and explained everything even told her that i knew it wasn't her. She exploted with anger, dissapoinment, and tears... It was more than obvious she'd break up with me... I feel like shit and its the worse mistake I've ever done... I have no idea of what to do to get her back 😔


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  • I'm not sure I understand what happened here. You claim you knew it wasn't her before you showed it to her, so it would make sense for me to assume that you told her someone tried to frame her for cheating, so exactly what is she angry at you about?

    • Exactly i explained everything and i told her i even stopped talking to my "friend" because of her bs. My girl simply believes i dont trust her

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    • I have no clue it hurts me to know i can't simply trust her with this things

    • Well, YOU didn't do anything wrong here. So at the very least, stop beating yourself up over it. Here are some possible theories: Maybe that really was her in the pic, and/or she really is cheating on you. If she is cheating, then she is acting this way to create a reason to feel justified in doing it.
      Maybe she thinks you are cheating and that you're trying to make her look bad to absolve yourself of guilt. Cheaters almost always assume that their partner is also cheating.
      Maybe she feels like your friend is out to get her, that you believe she did cheat, and she is already convinced that you will leave her, so she's throwing up the walls to prepare herself, and maybe try to leave you before you leave her.
      And maybe that really was her in the picture, but from some other time before she dated you, she doesn't know where the image came from, feels betrayed by that other guy, and feels threatened by your friend.

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  • So I'm guessing it was her? If it was why the fuck would you want her? If it wasn't all you can do is say whoops, I mean what are you supposed to do you were obligated to say something!

    • Yeah its not her and even though i explained she still won't talk to me nor want to see me

    • ask her what she would have done?

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  • yeah im confused too, was she angry because it was her? otherwise I have no idea why she would have reacted like that... what did she say?

    • She got angry because she believes i dont really trust her and i mean fuck, i showed the pic because i do trust her

    • That's a very strange way for her to react.. don't be too hard on yourself it's not your fault but yeah maybe she wondered why you brought it up if you trusted her... I don't know I'm just wondering what's going on in her head, as I said don't worry about it too much just give her time to cool off :)

    • I just dont want to lose her I've been un several stupid relationships and honestly with her i finally felt it was going somewhere 😔

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  • I don't know if I follow... You showed the picture... explained it... And she got mad about it?

    • Exactly i explained everything and she got mad I don't know what the fuck did i do wrong?

    • I would give her space and talk it out when she's cooled down. Nothing seems wrong from your side

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