What to expect after my parent's divorce?

My parents have been together and after years of a marriage filled mainly with much verbal abuse coming from one parent onto the other, things have finally reached the breaking point and they are getting divorced, it seems.
We're four kids, between the ages of 22-15, and we'll end up being on our own with our Mother. She's got no siblings and her parents have passed, and the only cousins she has live in a content halfway across the world from us.
I'm broken, I'm terrified, and I'm worried about what to expect for us after this.
I just wanted to know - to those kids who's parents divorced: how did it feel, how did things happen afterwards, and what is there to expect now that we're on our own?


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  • Feel free to PM me if you like.

    It was no fun. But it does eventually get better.


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  • sorry to hear about that
    just stay strong.
    and dont give up.

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  • Expect to never see your father again. Generally because this is a result of one of two things. The dad doesn't want to see you or the mom won't let you see him to spite him.

    Either way chances are you'll be saying goodbye forever to him.

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    • @CheerGirl38139 I'm pretty sure it's very common. Maybe I exaggerated on the "never" part but it'll be pretty rare to see them more than once in a blue moon.

    • That's not been the experince I've had, nor that of my friends. In fact, my experince was almost the opposite of that for the first couple of years. And that wasn't all good either.

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  • Feel free to personal message me. I grew up in a place in which I was born into divorce which is a little different then yours. I never saw my parents together but they were better apart then being together. I was treated differently from my dad he made me feel less to his other children. Honestly I cannot tell you what to expect out of the divorce. At first it is going to be really hard especially when your parents try finding someone new like when they date again.


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