Ex-boyfriend started dating a week after our break-up but still keeps in touch?

My ex and I dated for 2 years throughout high school. I was going to take a gap year after and he always wanted a long distance even though I was a little unsure. However, in the last month of our relationship, he changed his mind and we broke up.
He seemed very upset about it and sort of even broke down on the phone a day before meeting to breakup but we both agreed on being friends.

Turns out he lied about not dating anyone after because i found out he started dating a girl in his college a week after we broke up. He is very public about his relationship on social media and posts quite a few romantic pictures, which is very unlike him because he wasn't very socially active.

I didn't want to keep in touch so I didn't wish him on his birthday or go for the lunch. He calls up a month after and had a 1 minute random conversation with me about Coldplay and kept the phone.
On my birthday he called to wish me but I missed his call and didn't want to call back. He called my friend asking her to pass on a wish but then called me again late night to wish me (I answered).

I don't get this guy. He was a jerk and lied to me on my face about not dating anyone but still acts like nothing happened and tries to talk like friends?


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  • To me it sounds like he just doesn't want you to be mad at him for being with this new girl if he is serious about her. But the posting pictures and stuff that you mentioned, if it isn't like him to do that then maybe he's just trying to make you jealous, ignore the photos that he keeps posting, don't let him know it bothers you if it does


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