Guys, Have You Ever Felt A Really Deep Connection With Someone?

Hey, Guys!

Have you ever had a really deep and intimate connection to someone you have only just started seeing? Even if you have only spoken or been on a few dates with someone?

I was just curious for my own personal reason. Thank you for your help! Happy Holidays! :)


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  • There was a woman I got to know in college. We lived on the same floor. A large group of us always stayed up late and, as people went to bed one by one, I always stayed up late and so did she… until we were the only two left. We often stayed up half the night talking. Sometimes all night. We were a thing before the fall semester ended for the holidays and we are still happily married.

    Happy holidays right back at you!


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  • Yes definitely. I've been in three main relationships & honestly only one of them I felt that real deep connection.

    Something about her & us when we were together was always amazing. There was always an amazing chemistry together.

    Unfortunately it didn't work out, & honestly that part sucks, but the feeling of being that close to someone is something I would never give up & I've never regretted a second.

    Happy holidays to you too πŸ˜‰

  • Yes I have felt that way.. 😊


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