Should I be ashamed that I can't get over my ex after 3 years?

I'd like to get over my ex, and I was honestly doing well until I checked her profile recently sending me into a relapse. I wish there was a switch I could just press, or cut out my memories of her.

When I talk to my friends they just say "get over it". One friend has called me crazy. I haven't hurt anyone, I haven't cut myself, but I'm getting the vibe that I should feel ashamed for my feelings.


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  • Never be ashamed of loving or caring deeply for someone. Wounds don't always heal all the way, and even if they do we have scars... I have done, and continue down the same path. I tend to think I am over him, but with social media, especially facebook, we are not friends, but we are not "blocked " either, so I can peak at him sometimes. I hardly ever do, but when I do, it sends me right back down the path... totally understand. don't worry, just try to keep the good memories in the front of your mind, and try daily to find new hobbies, interests etc... best of luck

    • Thank you. Wouldn't keeping the good memories cause more pain? I've tried to forget them.

    • No, just smile at the good memories, they let you know that you lived and loved...

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  • Don't feel ashamed at all. I promise you, you're not the only person struggling with losing someone.

    I don't know if it helps at all, but I feel at least somewhat similar to how you feel.

    I go through periods where I'm okay & other periods where I'm definitely not.

    I was in a relationship with this girl & she meant everything to me & ever since the breakup it's been a constant struggle for me & it's definitely effected me, my personality, & I deal with depression because of it.

    It sucks... I know... But don't beat yourself up over it. Don't shut out the idea of trying to find some type of counseling to help yourself. It is at least worth looking into.

    Want to ask anything feel free, & best of luck.

    • Thanks, I wish you the best too

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  • You shouldn't be ashamed of your feelings. And don't ever check up on an ex, that's nvr a good idea. I do suggest you try moving on though, bc the more you think ab it the more it's gonna hurt. There are so many other girls out here that would love to have you. Don't be hung up on this one girl ruining any chance of being with a better one bc you nvr know.


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  • you shouldn't feel ashamed at all, I think you just need to talk about it to someone that cares about you or wants to listen to your "problem".


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