How do I get over him?

my ex-boyfriend and i broke up about two months ago, but it still hurts me a lot. during the relationship, he did not treat me very well. when we broke up, his reasoning was that he didn't have time because of work, the gym, and school, and at the time, his answer confirmed to me that he was not the one for me. only a month after breaking up, i saw one of my old friends hanging out one on one with him, only to find the that they have liked each other for months, and it really hurt me. it made me frustrated that he told me he couldn't be with me because he didn't have time, yet he was with her, and it shattered my heart to think he felt that way while he was telling me he liked me at the same time. it made me realize that he is a dirtbag, and though i know he isn't good for me, i still hurt over it. he was my first boyfriend, and i am tired of feeling hurt by him. is it normal to still hurt two months of breaking up? what are some ways i can get over him? thank you so so much for your help!


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  • Same thing that's happening to me, only in reverse. But never treated a girl wrong. And liking a girl, probably not. I took times to concentrate to other stuff, so... mostly it has been crap. Sadly, love never gets away. And mine is stuck.

  • Find another guy, have sex with him and after some time, you'll be over it.


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