Why did he stop answering?

This might be stupid and I might just be over thinking. But true last week I've been talking to my ex again, we broke up 4 months ago and we were together for a year and 7 months, we went our separate ways after the break up, and we ran into eachother and started talking again and he told me he's still in love with me and that he's missed me everyday but thought he'd messed up too bad to talk to me. We've been talking pretty much everyday for a week, and suddenly today we were talking as usual and then he just stopped replying which hasn't ever really been like him. Maybe he's busy, but I don't know It just makes me nervous because it's not like him to just not answer
and if he is ignoring me I don't get why.. I don't think I've done anything to make him mad, or maybe he just needed a break from talking to me since we've been talking so much lately?


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  • You don't think something happened to him right?

    • I don't think so.. I texted him a few hours after he didn't answer and asked if he was alright. He sometimes has to work Saturday nights, but even when he works he usually says "oh gotta go to work now" or something.. I'm kinda worried something happened, but I also don't want to be the ex girlfriend who drives around looking for him to make sure he's okay haha

    • And I don't think I did or said anything to upset him so I'm not really sure.. maybe he's just having a bad day and wanted a break from talking to everyone, I don't know

What Girls Said 2

  • 😬😬 maaaybe he was talking to someone or is involved with someone now. You guys weren't together even when you were talking so he had his options open. He loves you and always will but he's moved on to someone. I could be wrong but it's a possibility. He wouldn't need a break from talking to you if he loves you.

    • Yeah he was just hanging out with his friends haha if I had time to type out our whole situation and tell you what he's like ten you would know (like I do" that he defineltly doesn't have anyone nee

  • Keep a level head! Just breathe! He's the one that loves you so make him prove it. If he doesn't you're better off with out him.


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