Ex unblocked me? why?

he texted me "get out of my life. i love her and not you. get over me. I'm blocking you" and then three months later unblocked me... why?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Why do you care?

    • because i still have feelings for him. so why do you think he did this?

    • Probably not because he wants you back. Maybe because he thinks you two could have diplomatic relations again now that it's been a while since the break up.

Most Helpful Girl

  • He's taken time to think about his actions.
    Have you given him an opp to discuss what happened, between the 2 of you?

    • dated for 2 years, he cheated, lied about it for a month, dumped me, lead me on and used me for sex while he had another girlfriend, sent me that text, then unblocked me

    • He knows it wasn't right, perhaps he wants to apologize. Or it's part of his malicious plan to manipulate you once more. You have to be the one to judge what it is.

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  • Coz he is cool about you being with someone else


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