Is it possible to just be friends with an ex?

So my boyfriend is in the Air force in AZ and his ex girl friend lives there. and I am in IA. I don't know the details about them. just know that it was a short relationship. I just found out that they hung out. they just went to a park. for a walk


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  • Are you worried about him with his ex? You can ask him casually but not questioned him. Just tell him you are curious and what you just found out. If he is worried that you might be thinking wrongly, then clearly, he did nothing and cares about your feeling. But if he is just telling you 'oh nothing, just hanging out' then maybe you might want to be wary of it. What's best is to be honest with your feelings.

  • Is it possible? Yes... it is very possible to be "JUST friends" But if your suspicious, or if you don't trust him, talk to him about it.


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