Why do men ghost?

this guy has been chatting with me on and off for weeks now and he expressed interest in meeting when he was done exams, but now that they're done he's going back home for the break which means that we won't be meeting. anyways i sent him a message asking if he was still interested in meeting (not said like that, but more chillz) and haven't heard from him since last night. so i have no idea. I'm worried i ruined things but i don't know how that is even possible. what do you think?


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  • Either he got a better offer, is legit busy, or you said/did something that completely put him off.

    • which is weird cuz i honestly odnt know what i could've done. lol. i rarely texted him and if i did he always responded.

  • First off it's not just men that do this.
    Secondly, Did you just say "I haven't heard from him since last night"?

    That's not ghosting. -_-

    • no lol.

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    • He doesn't always have to respond immediately, he could be busy lol
      It's not ghosting until they go by weeks of no talking.

    • true. lmao. like i said, I'm just impatient to know his response lol. so every hour feels like days

What Girls Said 1

  • Because they are too chicken to tell you that they aren't interested anymore.


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