Girls, I desperately need help recovering being cheated on, sos?

This feeling of betrayal, and rejection -- who's been there? Its been almost a month, and I've never felt this depressed in my life.
I'm considering talking to a therapist about this too.


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  • girl, listen.
    Take this hurt and turn it into action.
    Block him, his girlfriend, or whoever he cheated with, just move yourself away from the things that remind you of him or the hurt he caused you.

    Now, instead focus on you. Go on a mini adventure/ like get a camera and just explore or something/ something like that.

    Don't be on the bed, crying for hours; don't day dream or make up scenarios in your head.
    Don't stay in the shower only so you can ponder on it more.

    And etc.

    • I feel like, if I block him or his little tart then he's "winning" this break up. That's what it over all feels like.

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  • I have been cheated on too many times to name. I know how your feeling. hang in there! there are good guys out there! I promise you. it seems like they come into your life when you lease expect it.
    I say start a new hobby/activity/sport. do something or go somewhere you can escape to for a bit. I usually go to the barn and horseback ride as my escape. but remember Karma will get him. once a cheater always a cheater and he will do it again to whoever he's with.

  • I honestly feel you shouldn't be caught up... I know it hurts but he was looking for something else and you should realize because you've made it this far you can get through the rest

  • The first guy that cheated on me it kinda open my eyes because of that I cheated on almost every other guy I've being with but It turned out that those guys that I cheated on were actually players don't think that I'm a slut or a hoe I was just hurt but I stopped eventually, but don't take that advice. Men will only act right for the right woman if you ain't the right woman he won't act right. That's what I learned eventually

    • Its what lead him to actually cheat on me is what's getting me. Like it over all just feels like its MY fault, and that maybe I deserve it.

    • Why would you think that you deserve that what you really deserve is a man that can see all the beauty within your flaws

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