Moving to big city?

I'm planning on moving to a bigger city, however, I have some issues, mainly job wise. I hear from family and friends, jobs are hard to come by. I require a full time job (I'm paying off a car) but one that doesn't require full blown qualifications and certification. Are jobs of the sort really hard to come by? What are your experiences moving to big cities?


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  • Well, definitely do some research online about rent and job listings. I would seriously consider making sure you have a job secured before you move. However, if you have enough money saved up to cover for at least 2 months, then definitely hit the pavement, stay motivated in finding a job.

    I moved to a bigger city on the West Coast.

    It's difficult finding a job in my field and I am a college graduate.

    Consider finding a roommate, a *good* roommate or even a family who is looking to rent out a room.

    Be safe, though! (as far as choosing a roommate, if you are moving near a university town, consider living close to there, there may be college students looking for a roommate...maybe graduate students, they *might* be better/more considerate roommates.)

    Good Luck!


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  • Depends on what you mean by a "big city"

    If your talking about a city as big as Chicago or New York even McDonalds pays well above minimum wage.

    Tucson is a minimum wage town period.

    There are more jobs in Chicago vs Tucson simply because of the number of people & businesses.

    There is always something to do in any city but more nightlife in a bigger one.

    I like a mid to smaller size city as the pace is slower & the people are friendlier.

    There is a lot to think about such as apartment costs & commuting to work probably by public transportation. Not to mention a higher cost of living, hence the bigger salaries.

    Good luck, it should be a great experience.


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