Is it rude of me to want some alone time?

my boyfriend's ex said she couldn't keep there little girl for a few weeks cause she had to work a lot. well we have had her for three weeks now and he had to send in child support cause he doesn't want the court on him. well come to find out she hasn't worked at all she been with her new boyfriend and partying.

well he works 12 hr days so I been the one with full responsibility, how can I tell him make her take her back just for the weekend? its mothers day she should have her and I need a little alone time. is that rude of me to want some alone time?


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  • its rude of your boyfriend to expect you to do all this. your not even his wife. don't let him take advantage of you it looks like that's what he's doing

  • no! I would tell him "She isn't my her mother!" I understand exactly how you feel!


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