He THOUGHT I cheated?

So my ex boyfriends friends are coming after me because he thinks I cheated. Which I never but he still doesn't trust me. He saw a picture of me & this other guy and he now thinks I'm with the other guy regardless of what I say to him. His family now don't like me and his friends come after me. Why are they doing this?


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  • He's either hurt by your break up and paranoid or knows he's done wrong in the relationship but can't stand the thought of his friends and family thinking less of him so he's seen the pic and is now playing the victim. I've been in a similar situation where my ex played victim. His family and friends were quite nasty because of it so I cut myself off from the lot of them blocked them all and the people who truly know me knew the truth and that's all I cared about my advice to you either way is to do the same. I'm much happier now and you can be too


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