Was my heart or head telling me he's the one?

when I feel like I love someone I always think they are the one but with this one my love was different.. it was specifically for him. anyways back to the question... so when I dated my ex part of me was telling me he's the one because my feelings for him are different than anyone else but I didn't really feel that "spark" with him and the other part of me thought he wasn't because of that.
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What Guys Said 1

  • Heart has a brain of its own which is more powerful than the head. So feelings from heart are always more intense.

    • well I stayed hopeful that he would be but now I'm thinking not so much

    • Your heart tells you more about what you feel for him but your heart is unable to know what he feels about you , because his feelings are in his heart. You have to understand this difference. Only your head can tell you what he feels for you if you are wise and experienced enough. So combination of heart and head gives you the sixth sense or the sense of intuition or gut feeling. This is how you should go about it.

What Girls Said 1

  • I think the best way to know it's your heart is when both happen because then you experience the contrast. When your heart feels both safe and satisfied a majority of the time... and not just from your end but receiving confirmation through his actions that he feels the same way... I don't know. I also think you come to a point where you realize this person 'has you'. It's this... overwhelming sensation of realizing just how deeply you need them despite how terrifying that is to your sense of logic. And there's a cycle when... in that same instant you know you don't have to worry. (See... heart and head at once.)


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