Ex who dumped me 2 months ago hasn't changed her fb profile pic of us together?

We were together for a year and I was very in love with her. I thought she loved me too, but she dumped me and said that she couldn't keep making pretend that she loved me and that she never loved me or felt any sparks throughout our entire relationship. She had a VERY questionable night out two days prior to the breakup and even though she won't admit it, I highly suspect cheating and that's after all my friends and some mutual friends told me that there's no way she didn't cheat. We had spoken many times about cheating and she always told me that if she ever cheated she'd breakup.
We've barely spoken since the breakup (had 5 weeks with no contact). She still hasn't changed her fb profile pic of us together and when I had asked her if she could change it a week after the breakup because it was giving me false hope that we'd get back together she said she didn't want to change it because she liked it and it was of her in her graduation (she has other pics without me). I've been doing my best to move on and have even been seeing a new girl for over a month now. However, I'm still in love with my ex and miss her like crazy even though I know she was a bad girlfriend and I can and have done much better and that she's not good for me. It sounds dumb, but that picture is giving me false hope that she did actually love me and that she still does. I'm extremely emotionally frustrated since there's nothing more that I would want than to be in a loving relationship with her, but considering how she treated me and her most likely cheating I wouldn't want her back, not that girl. It's so tempting to get in contact with her again and to see her, hold her, and tell her how much I love her and that picture isn't helping at all.


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  • I would trust your friends on this one. If she cheated, that could very well be why she broke up with you. She even said herself that she'd end the relationship if she ever did that.
    I think this is good it happened. I know it hurts and it will for a while, but you have to accept things and learn from them in order to move on. I wouldn't focus too much on her profile photo, she likes it and maybe she doesn't want to let her friends on there know she split up with you yet.

    I highly recommend unfriending her on there, and blocking her so you dont have to see her things, her posts or be constantly reminded of her and what you two had. You're with someone else now, a new girl who will hopefully treat you so much better. You deserve to be happy, don't let that photo stand in the way.

    I think you should take time to yourself too, and work on building yourself back up. Don't give that girl the satisfaction of causing you to be unhappy, or let her prevent you from starting over with someone new. You know you loved her, and she knew it too. She didn't want to accept it, and was honest she never felt the same way about you at all. Don't waste your time thinking on how to fix things or hanging onto false hope. Let her keep the pic up and you do something for yourself-- be happy with this new gilr and start appreciating what you have now. :)

    • Thank you for your response, it's very much appreciated. That's one of the things that hurts most too, not having her admit to it even though it's quite obvious that she did cheat. I want to hear it so I know once and for all. She's even managed to take that away from me just so she won't feel as bad for what she did. She's too dumb too realize how her actions and how she handled everything has hurt me so much more than having her being honest. A friend wouldn't have worryingly text her at the end of the party who she went home with and if she was alone if nothing had happened, she wouldn't have been away from the party with a guy that I quote "I would fuck" for over an hour just to get gum, she wouldn't have conveniently forgotten what happened on that walk, even though she remembers everything else that night, she wouldn't have worryingly asked me what I would do if they did makeout, she wouldn't have lied and tried to hide everything if nothing had happened. I was even ready to

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    • Thank you 😊, I've been on this site for over 5 years and you're one of the nicest and most helpful persons I've come across here. Here's to a great 2017 for the both of us, cheers 🍻!
      This breakup is actually starting to do me some good because I feel so motivated now to tackle on the world and it has taught me to always respect myself enough to never be with someone who doesn't respect me or appreciate what I do for her. I think she's forgotten those nights that she would tear up and tell me I'm the best guy she's been with and how much she loves me and how happy I make her. She forgot that the moment she started getting attention from other guys and let it get to her head. I haven't forgotten and now that I know what I can bring to the table, I expect to have a partner that can bring the same. Funny, she told me she's not used to this type of attention which has only recently started, I wonder why it started? Maybe because everyone could see how happy she was...

    • That's probably it. Happiness is always more apparent to everyone else, than it is to ourselves sometimes, but you don't need to worry about that anymore. It's a shame she's done what she has, but she knows what she wants and once day she will realize the mistake she's made with this relationship you two shared. I'm glad to hear you have a far better lookout on the breakup now, and I hope you continue to heal from this in a positive way:)

      Aw thank you, I'm always happy to help. I've been there before, dealt with heart breaks and difficult times getting over lost love, but in the end a bit of support and positive words can really go a long way.
      I hope you have a great holiday too, and enjoy the new year. Hopefully you'll get a chance to celebrate and have some fun!
      Take care, and definitely hold your head high. You know what you want and you never should settle for anything less, or anyone who treats you less than perfect. Keep that motivation and make the best of it. :D

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