Is there more going on then what I was told? Or did she think they had something when they didn't?

Basically, My ex boyfriend and I have been working on getting back together lately, which that itself is it's own story but anyways, when we broke up he started talking to his ex girlfriend from before me again, he told me it was because he needed someone to talk to and she was there for him, however she ended up revealing that she is "completely in love" with him even though they only dated for 2 months, and they broke up 2 years ago, he kissed her one time since we broke up to "see if it helped him get over me", he told me about that himself and says he felt nothing towards her and says he still feels nothing towards her other then just being friends, and that kissing her was a big mistake, and recently he told her that he's still head over heels in love with me still and only wants me, and he told her that him and her will only ever be friends and that kissing her was a mistake. She got very angry and has been posting all kinds of stuff on Facebook such as the attached picture, which she is Sharing in reference to him, I don't know if there was more going on then what he told me about, or maybe she just thought there was more going on between them then what there actually was, sorry this was so long, but what do you think?


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  • He's full of shit and if you believe that shit and think you can reconcile and ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after then I have some beachfront property in Arizona to sell you lol smh

    • What makes you think he's "full of shit"? Do you think he's lying and that there's more going on between them or what?

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    • He didn't kiss her to see if he felt anything for her, he kissed her to see if kissing another girl would help him forget about me. I didn't say I fell for that, all I asked was for an explanation of why you think he's full of shit

    • Well that's a huge reason no matter which way it was

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  • I had this friend who was totally head over heels for me. Now yes, I knew but I'd been VERY excruciatingly clear that I was not interested and that we could only ever be friends... if that if it was gonna cause him pain.
    When I started talking to my now SO, who I knew through a shared group of friends with my friend... this friend vaguely knew him. When he found out we were starting to talk... he went behind my back and tried to convince him that there was more than met the eye with us and that he was moving in on someone he 'had something with' Told him I sent mixed signals... allll kinds of lies. I mean this dude went nuts! Tried to rally my friends against me for 'leading him on' when I had plenty of actual proof otherwise in the form of messages that proved I had pointedly told him I wasn't interested and would never be. My boyfriend was really starting to wonder if he was the butt of the joke. I have since dropped said friend and our friends didn't take long to start seeing through his lies. And all of this came with him posting about his lovesick heart all over Facebook in a feeble attempt to drive his point home. Like he seriously carried on... it ended with me getting pretty cold b**** and real on him. Like when that didn't work he tried to turn around and badmouth me when his whacko attempts to do... who knows what... since it wasn't helping him get closer to me.. he was seriously just sooo blinded by trying to eliminate what he perceives as competition and... I don't know... convince people to feel sorry about it enough to make me reconsider... and all he did was drive a serious wedge and wipe out any desire to even KNOW him. And yet to this day... he seriously still tries to initiate polite contact after all of his craziness.

    My point is neither that he does or doesn't but unless someone has proof... don't necessarily believe everything you hear because some people really do just get stubborn weirdo obsessions and try and get their way at any expense... including attempting to instill doubt with lies and using guilt and victimization. Don't underestimate that. Really... just go with your gut... and if boyfriend really is innocent he will be perfectly fine with you working to figure out the truth between the lies.

    The phrase "The truth will set you free." is oh so true... especially when you're on the honest end of it.

  • I wouldn't trust him


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