Girls, How do I get her back for good?

My girlfriend and I have broken up before because emotions got in the way and clouded judgement, maybe once and it was her, that was earlier in the year. Since we got back together things have been really good, we enjoyed each others company and started to work things out i though, we even planned a trip for Vegas to see the decorations and stuff and that was going to be our x-mas gift to each other. However, the last couple weeks we started fighting over little things. With that and the stress of finals, her being sexually frustrated (I had a cold sore), and stress from her job things piled up and we it got brought up that she felt I "wasn't there". She started cursing at me and being negative to me and it took a toll on me and I blocked her on social media and my phone not thinking. Obviously, that only made things worse between us. My intentions with that was to make some space between us because I felt it was needed before we went on our Vegas trip. She took it as a break up, which given what I did would seem like it is. I know I made a mistake by doing that and I did it without any thought, just pure charged emotion. I want her to give us one last shot, or at least to talk about things because we both know it was a mistake. I know what to do if we get together but because its happened before, how do I reassure her that the same mistake won't happen and that she can trust that I will be there and won't hurt her like this again?


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  • Try to talk to her. Organize a time and explain what happened calmly. Tell her that you love her and that you need her in your life, but whatever you do, STAY CALM. If she curses at you again, KEEP YOUR COOL and don't get angry (don't show it anyway). If she says that it's really over, respect it. Girls don't like a guy who tries to get them back too much. If you try to get her back forever, she'll file you under 'creeps' and you'll have even less of a chance. Just remember to KEEP YOUR COOL and DONT PANIC. And also be 100% truthful.

    • I text her last night asking for a time to talk sometime this week. I got a "I don't know, maybe".
      Since the breakup, Iv'e apologized and explained it was a mistake. I really messed up and know I made a mistake. Is it possible to be given the chance to correct this mistake?

    • It really depends on what she's like. Some people can hold a grudge, while others don't as much.

    • Yea she can, and when things like this happen its like everything gets thrown at her like its fresh. me , on the other hand, can forgive and let it go. even if its still in my mind I try not to let past things come up and cause larger problems.

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  • Have a serious and calm conversation with her about everything. Tell her how you feel (and what you said in this post) and that you made a mistake, and tell her you've learned from it and will make sure to not make the same mistake away (and make sure you don't!). If she takes you back also talk with her and make sure you guys always communicate your feelings with eachother instead of keeping it all in and then exploding. Good luck.

    • How does one get her to sit down and have this convo? I text her little over an hour ago, asking if she was busy or not today or tomorrow and if we could meet after I get off work. But, no reply yet. I know she's busy in the mornings but I think she feels that because its happened before it can happen again. and anytime we break up whenever we talk about things we get back together. I fear she may be dodging this sit down because she feels we may end up back together.
      I know I've learned from this and learned about myself as well

  • I'm going through something kind of similar. Except that my relationship pretty much has an expiration date.
    Honestly, girls like talking. And the fundamental part of a relationship is communication and honesty. You could have worded how you needed some space and time before the trip and not let her jump into conclusions, but what's done is done unfortunately. Ask her if she'd like to grab some coffee or lunch and talk to her calmly. I'm sure she'd listen.

    • I've been trying to get some time to sit down and talk to her about things but she she keeps putting it off. i understand im not her top priority but i text her and asked what day works best for her adn she has yet to reply...

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    • Yea and I was going to hold on to her Christmas gift until she wants to talk. our relationship had its hard times and we both have made mistakes, nothing like infidelity, but we always would talk about things and get back together and move forward.. you think a surprise like that would work a little? she's teh same age as me, 28

    • Yeah I think so. It's worth a shot that's for sure!

  • Apologize and try to explain to her that you thought you were helping more than hindering

    • tried that, and she keeps saying how we can't even be friends and doesn't want me in her life. don't get me wrong she said that last time when she broke up with me out of anger.

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    • thanks, i need it lol
      and thanks for the, advise, it cleared some things up but im still a bit anxious about everything

    • your welcome, and you should be anxious considering the circumstances lol it'll be okay though

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