What causes a man to be mean to you?

I work w/ my ex and he point blank is very mean to me. He treats everyone that we work w/ like gold but when it comes to me he'll give me the cold shoulder. I've moved on and currently in another relationship but since we work together it makes it kind of difficult to get things done. Also, he'll emphasize on his dislike ness towards me by like for example he'll start the forklift and peel off in front of me. What's his problem? I find it hard to believe he still cares or maybe he genuinely doesn't care hence he's acting this way? I just figured if somebody doesn't really care then they'd be like whatever towards you and not childish if that makes sense. Any insight be greatly appreciated!


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What Guys Said 2

  • Bad sex.

    • Of course a smartass HAD to say Something

  • I guess he still pissed because of the past relationship


What Girls Said 1

  • Why did you both break up? Some men can't handle break up well, so possibly his ego is hurt and he wants to make you feel bad for breaking up
    The best thing to do is not to pay attention to him, he will move on.


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