How do you know if your ex is in a rebound relationship?

Me and me ex split up 6 months ago. We've been in a LDR for more than a year.
Recently he told me he was talking to another girl he met online that comes from a compliely different country and then he says "i feel better alone though". They don't seem to have a lot in sommon, not like we used to.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Why do you care? He's an ex

    • Because I still have feelings for him and I want him back

    • You think you can reconcile and ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after? Lol smh! If you think that then I have some beachfront property in Arizona to sell you. It'll never last. Stop being pathetic and get on with your life without him. You will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. It's over permanently and completely. Find someone else

What Girls Said 1

  • Well is ur ex. So... Why should u care if he is moving on or not? Do u want to get back with him?

    • Yeah I do! That's why i'm asking

    • But why not just move on to find someone else rather than take back someone again

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