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My friend who is elder to me told me once that I should fall in love with someone for whom you are her first love. Well I met that girl who told me that I am her first love and by initial moments and looks I loved her too but I always had sense of intuition that this is not going to work for much longer so I broke up and moved away but that line which was told to me still hovers in my mind and I feel that I made a mistake. So I will ask all of you and especially girls that if u had a break up from your first true love and now you are with someone else who is far more perfect for you then will you dedicate yourself whole heartedly to that one particular guy or still think about that first love because I feel that is cheating and not being loyal which are immensely important for me or may be for everyone?


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  • For first love is intense and special because it is the first, not because it is any better. You learn so much from that first experience of love, passion, lust, and heart break. You find out what you need and what you don't need.

    If you want to find an innocent GIRL who is uncertain and insecure of her needs, sure only dating to be a first love is great. Occasionally it can work out long term when both parties grow and develop together, but generally it's just a first.

    I know I can love and appreciate my current partner better because of my experience and previous relationships. I won't be caught up in the excitement and expectations. Can I love him more for who he really is and who we are together.


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