I'm afraid one of my friends is going to try to use me as a rebound?

I have this guy friend whose technically still engaged. Only recently it's become apparent that his fiance is cheating on him with one of their "friends". He told me this the other day, and I felt so bad for him. I didn't even know what to say, because I mean, I've been cheated on before, but not by someone I was getting married too. And not even someone I loved either.
Anyway, he was telling me that he's probably going to break off his engagement with her soon because of it. Me and him have gotten pretty close, and he's very friendly. Like he always hugs me, and he's given me rides home from work. People we work with already sometimes think we're in a relationship because on our breaks we go and see each other, and like we get each other drink refills when the other is working and what not. But I don't have "romantic" feelings for him. Like, at all. But when he was telling me about his fiance, just the look he was giving me. Made me worry he thought something else?

I just don't know how to let him down gently. Especially with all this stuff going on with his fiance. I can't even pretend to have a crush on him though for the time being, as right next to the department he works in, the guy I REALLY have the hots for works. (sometimes I go back to hang with my friend on break just so I can walk through my crushes department and get a glimpse of him, maybe even talk a little if he's not terribly busy). I don't want my crush to think I like my friend either, as I'm almost CERTAIN he knows I like him, and he seems to be warming up to me too. I don't think he likes me like how I do yet, but the more I just flit around him and talk his ear off the more he just seems to warm up.

How do I avoid being a rebound girl? I realize this is a stupid question.


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  • Tell your friend more and more about your crush. that will silently yet gently pass tge message you are not into him

    • ooooooooh genius! But how do I bring something like that up? we joke around and stuff, but we've never really talked about crushes or anything. He never even said much about his fiance now that I think about it. Just that he had one, and sometimes he would share dinner plans and stuff he'd made with her

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    • You, I like you, you're smart!

    • I know :P and thank you. Best of luck.

  • Ask him. And if yes then beat him up

    • Beat him up? Why would I do that? (not that I could, the guy is tall and all strong and stuff... I'm little and adorable)

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    • But why? He's just a little sad

    • I don't care. I want to fight him

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