I was going to apologize but I ended up saying I was in love with him. I am but its not what I wanted to say-should I still apologize?

I briefly dated a guy i really liked three years ago. we did not know each other very well before we started dating. only knew each other a few months, but we were getting to know each other while dating. but i was not ready to get involved due to multiple factors too long to go into but nothing to do with him. i did not explain anything to him i just eft at the time i thought it was easier because we were both busy and he wouldn't understand my reasons anyhow. so it was ike i was saving him time.

he did not see it that way and was quite hurt and frustrated by the situation. we dd not speak for several months, and i was not expecting him to talk to me again but we started spending with him lately with other friends and things are a lot better between us now.

we have been spending time together alone more often and my feelings for him have grown. i'm pretty quiet and distant. i don't want him thinking i don't like him so i asked him a few times if he wanted to hang out.

last time he got really upset and sad he didn't understand me and didn't now what i wanted. he basically demanded to know what i wanted. i got a bit annoyed and said ' i was not asking him for anything i just wanted to know if he wanted to hang out and tbh everything is so complicated id really rather just walk away except im in love with him so i wanted to make sure he's not interested before I did that.. walked away'

by the time i realized what i was saying i already said it and i dont mind him knowing how i feel its just that not what i wanted to talk about. i wanted to start over and take things slow. apologize explain stuff see if he still wanted to be friends then see how things go. ... instead, i just told him im in love with him.

should i still apologize for the past?

and IF he's interested in more than friendship, how do i slow things down after what i said?

if he's not interested can we still be friends?
  • he's probably confused you should explain things i won't hurt and might help smooth things over.
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  • you said more than enough. if he has questions he can ask. its up to him.
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oh i forgot. i never said what his response was because i left as soon as i spoke, my friend showed up and asked me to cover her shift, which id be late for if i did not go immediately -- so i had an excuse to bolt.

this all happened 5 hours ago at the library.. The event is bothering me, so i posted.

-Thanks for your help.


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  • Not in the exact words, but do communicate.

    • sorry, not in which exact words?

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    • I am sorry , and I won't do it again.


      You know what, i was upset. And you didn't try to calm me down.

    • oh i see what you mean. but yeah i wouldn't have just said 'sorry'. id have explained. i agree :)

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  • You didn't even say what his reaction was..

    • yeah i had to go right away.

    • all i can say _while_ i was talking he looked surprised.

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